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Leader Coaching and The High Impact Leadership Project

Leader Coaching and The High Impact Leadership Project


The degree of a leader’s emotional intelligence is the ultimate indicator of his or her success.

To support leaders in strengthening their skill sets, I offer two services: Individual Leader Coaching and The High Impact Leadership Project


Leader Coaching (Individual Coaching)

Just as leaders must continually update and increase their technical and job-specific skills, they must also continue to grow their emotional intelligence and soft skills. Leader Coaching provides clients with new levels of awareness- how they show up, how they are perceived, and how their personality, behaviors, mindset, and habits impact their leadership. And, this awareness transforms the quality of their working and personal life as well as their ability to effectively coach, lead, and influence their team to achieve short- and long-term organizational goals.

Leader Coaching most often occurs by Zoom or phone. If you would like to schedule a 30-minute consultation to discuss the benefits of Leader Coaching for you or someone within your organization, please contact me. I’m here to help.

Assessments offer new perspectives and help raise awareness into your leadership style. Often, 360 assessments are employed for Leader Coaching clients. I am certified to administer a variety of assessments, including but not limited to:
EQi 2.0
Skillscope 360

I'm here to help.



Leadership Development Program

The High Impact Leadership Project is a dynamic leadership development program comprised of four classroom sessions and 3 individual coaching sessions that focus on topics such as improving communication, dimensional leadership/leadership agility, influencing results, and effectively coaching others. You can learn more about the High Impact Leadership Project here.