Lisa Williams Coaching + Consulting


Unleashing Potential.


Lisa Williams is a certified leadership and life coach, a multi-passionate entrepreneur, speaker, and a mom of two. She is dedicated to helping individuals live happy, healthy, meaning-FULL lives by guiding them to discover their purpose.

Through her empathetic on-on-one coaching, her solution-focused mentality that helps teams align values and focus on their strengths as well as her innovative workshops, her clients gain self-awareness, confidence, and increase their emotional intelligence and resilience so they can unleash their potential. Lisa’s clients say that they are happier, more confident and stronger leaders who make better decisions, are better able to communicate with others, and are more alive and present because they gained clarity about who they are, what they want, and how to get there.

Lisa holds a Master of Social Science Administration from Case Western Reserve University and has completed Coach Training curriculum through the College of Executive Coaching. She holds an ACC certification through the International Coaching Federation.

Additionally, she is an Adjunct Professor teaching graduate-level leadership courses at the University of Kentucky. She is the former Executive Director of the University of Kentucky Institute for Workplace Innovation and has served in leadership roles for various other organizations. 

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